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ICYMI – All the blog posts from June 2021

Handholding the prospect at every stage

Does your marketing material (especially that available to prospects you have no knowledge of) cover every stages of the buying process?

Justifying your online marketing budget

It’s quite possible for a complete sales journey to be made without touching on our online presence. But it’s also highly unlikely.

Impress with an emailed video message

Sending prospects a video that they can watch in their own time may be an impressive way to contact (or respond to) prospects.

Will SEO ever keep up with search engines?

A current Google project is a new technology is an answering engine trained in 75 different languages and many different tasks at once.

Helping visitors get to the stuff at the bottom

It’s amazing how many websites follow the linear format of a paper catalogue, wasting the flexibility that a website offers.

Tips on more successful online marketing presentations

Coming up with ‘compelling experiences’ for our online audience and providing clear expectations has proved to be critical.

It’s the perception which people buy into

The association of a brand with a particular attribute might not be a deserved one. But it can tip the balance anyway.

The ‘Performance Max’ campaign: where it’s going

I suspect that this is the future, but it’s a way off being the normal way of running ads on Google sites, so for now treat it as a curiosity.

What is HTTPS/2 and does it matter for SEO?

I won’t even attempt to explain HTTPS/2 here, but your server can support the new protocol, it may automatically serve content using it.

How to get a long article to rank highly in Google

If you’re not going to get to the point until the 10,000th word, you’re not going to get the attention of visitors or search engines.

Different search engine results on different devices

The ranking process is quite separate from the indexing one, and it appears that results can be different on mobile and desktop screens.

First steps with Google Analytics 4

Set up Google Analytics 4 to run alongside your existing analytics so you’ll have data to work with once you get into learning more about it.

How to add captions to your YouTube videos

Videos with captions have increased watch time than videos which don’t have them, and a new video from YouTube, with captions, shows how.

Bringing video to product pages

The idea of a video presentation on every product page doesn’t seem to be something that many companies have considered.

Posts on Google joins the discarded products pile

The Posts on Google feature is being withdrawn as apparently “it did not prove to be as helpful for users as we had hoped”, says Google.

Questions can be the answer

It’s worth experimenting with questions in the headlines for articles or PPC adverts. The questions themselves can be significant keywords.

Free checklist for SEO introduced by Moz

It’s presented in the form of a Google Sheet with over 70 items that may need checking on your website, with a link explaining each one.

Personalising those search ads further

Ad customisers allow a search ad which meets a certain location criterion to be rewritten to make a special offer for that location.

Google Core Update swings into play

It seems that not getting to the point and answering the question isn’t going down as well as it did with Google. That’s a shame.

Let your home page make a difference

The home page is the landing page for the majority of our visitors to most sites, and it needs to work …instantly. Here’s how.

Something which might need updating…

Copywriting and social media specialist Sookio has produced a concise but illuminating three-page Copywriting Checklist.