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How to add captions to your YouTube videos

Videos with captions have a longer average ‘watch time’ than videos which don’t have them. The usual reasons given for this are that they’re accessible to those with hearing disabilities, and that they’re easier for non-native speakers. However, there’s another reason for those of us in business marketing: our audience might not have any sound turned on, if they’re working in an office.

Putting captions on a video is simpler than ever, and a new video from YouTube (with captions) shows how. Its genuinely impressive built-in captions editor can be used with new videos, or to add captions to videos you’ve already published.

Automatic captioning is available, which can then be edited, because it’ll never be perfect. Alternatively, you can upload your own captions and sync them to the video, or even add them as you watch the video. There’s even the option to upload the script as a single text file, and have the system work out where the captions should change.

It really is well worth playing with.