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First steps with Google Analytics 4

If you’re a Google Analytics user (and who isn’t?), you’ll have had reminders from Google of the existence of a new version. You may well have read about it too.

So what is Google Analytics 4? It’s not an upgrade, but rather a completely new product, designed for a world where people move through devices and apps while interacting with your business, rather than sit down, visit a website, do something there and leave. It also brings in ‘predictive metrics’ – modelling that aims to overcome the tracking problems caused by increasingly stringent privacy measures.

The new model is based around events, of which page views are just one type. This makes it easier to measure events other than the ones which traditional Google Analytics did, including button clicks, video plays, etc.

There will be quite a steep learning curve, but if you missed my previous exhortation to do so, I’d recommend setting up Google Analytics 4 to run alongside your existing analytics. That way, you’ll have data to work with once you get into learning more about it.