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Bringing video to product pages

I’ve read a number of marketing blogs recently about using video in product presentations – enough to convince me that something’s going on. In many cases, they’re suggested that companies jump from a static photo of a product on a web page to using a full-scale video sales demo. However, I can see an intermediate stage which makes a lot of sense, and that’s replacing photos with simple videos of the product.

There’s no doubt that we’ve come to love video online – and even take it for granted. But on many industrial websites, the video content (if it exists) is often shunted off into its own ghetto. The idea of a video presentation on every product page – even just a 10-second fly-round – doesn’t seem to be something that many companies have considered. Yet having this wouldn’t surprise any visitor nowadays.

People tend to be averse to videos which auto-play, but the ‘auto-loop’ setting available on hosting sites such as Vimeo could be ideal here.