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Websites not scoring well on ‘Core Web Vitals’

The upcoming ‘Core Web Vitals update’ in Google has sent millions of website owners scurrying to see how their site is performing. The results, according to a massive study by Searchmetrics, will not have been good in many cases.

Over 2 million URLs were examined. Only 4% of websites achieved a good score in all three Core Web Vitals. 96% did not. So if you’re not getting a perfect score, you’re not alone!

The biggest problem appears to be visual stability, measured by Cumulative Layout Shift. The report found the top 20 average CLS score to be 0.38, well outside of Google’s ‘good’ threshold of 0.1 and even the ‘moderate’ threshold of 0.25. This is caused by content appearing on the page without space being reserved for it, causing already-showing elements to be shuffled around.

Writing on Search Engine Journal, Searchmetrics says that “With so many websites performing poorly in the Core Web Vitals, it would seem unlikely that Google would punish business across the board. However, our analysis should serve as a reminder that user experience currently isn’t good enough on most websites.”

You can investigate your site’s performance in Google Search Console.