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ICYMI – All the blog posts from May 2021

Happy birthday to us! It’s this blog’s 13th anniversary today, with over 3,200 articles published in that time. The entire archive can be found here.

Why and how to keep your website slim

Lots of content on a website is good, if it’s relevant and gets visitors. Lots of content which nobody ever looks at does no good.

Three SEO tasks you could set as a project

These willl help your site perform better for users and search engines alike, and are ideal to set someone as a project.

Influencing the narrative in a sector through email

Are we about to see the rise of the simple email newsletter, cutting through the online noise and reaching an eager, specialist audience?

Treat video sales calls like a face to face meeting

Video sales calls require less expense, but if replacing a face to face meeting, they need to be entered into with an outcome in mind.

Preparing a document you can have confidence in

It’s traditional to have editing followed by proofreading, but if you have to do both it’s still wise to keep them as individual tasks.

Where do industrial website redesigns go wrong?

If better conversion rates or an increase in traffic are wanted, it’s the inner workings that need to be upgraded.

A reminder to EAT well

Focusing your site on content built with the E-A-T principles requires the search engines to keep up with you, not the other way around.

Apple’s privacy push will be a big deal for some

The move is going to give Apple some good PR while hurting many businesses which rely on exploiting online behavioural data

Buyer personas? Make it so.

Having a character in mind when creating sales and marketing material can really help you design content to attract the right people.

Don’t steal photos

There are plenty of sites which offer images which can be used – even on commercial sites – for free, so use them!

Websites not scoring well on ‘Core Web Vitals’

This analysis should serve as a reminder that user experience currently isn’t good enough on most websites.

How to stop emailed Google Analytics reports

Click “Admin”. In the “View” column, find the “scheduled emails” link. This lists any emails. Under “Actions” you can delete the email.

Obvious. Boring. Unforgivable.

The first sentence or paragraph in any piece of writing is there to persuade the reader to read the next one.

Creating written content if you don’t fancy it yourself

If there’s not been enough added to your website and if that’s largely down to you, there could be ways to crack the problem.

Talking to our audience like people

When writing more targeted communications, knowing who the recipients are, it’s important to ensure we write at an appropriate level

Don’t finish by repeating yourself

The conclusion to any piece of marketing collateral should explain that if you found that interesting, here’s what we’re going to do now.

A sure winner to get attendees or viewers

If you get the chance, try to answer the “What’s in it for me?” question in the name of any event that you might be organising.

Get yourself a faster website

We’re all aware of how important this is, and if your site scores badly on a speed test, you should take a look at whether it’s the hosting.

More accurate traffic data from Google Analytics

An article from Search Engine Journal outlines a number of tweaks which will lead to more accurate traffic data