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Creating written content if you don’t fancy it yourself

There are many reasons why you personally might not be producing the amount of written material for your website which today’s content-hungry marketing world requires. You perhaps didn’t get the role because of your writing enthusiasm, or (more likely) there simply doesn’t ever seem to be the time. So how can we get around this?

The obvious approach is to hire in a freelance writer. The steady attrition of trade magazines over the past 30 years has created a large pool of technical writers who shouldn’t be hard to track down. But if there’s no budget for the best people, you might find there are some willing writers internally, in sales or support. If the content is in their head, they might be interested in just doing a spoken piece which you can get automatically transcribed.

What about repurposing existing content? It could be something you did in the past, or an article from a supplier or principal. Associated companies might also consider supplying something in return for the publicity and the link.

If there’s not been nearly enough added to your website in the past year, and if that’s largely down to you, there could be ways to crack the problem.