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A sure winner to get attendees or viewers

Many of us will have got quite competent over the years in writing headlines and email subject lines to generate engagement. It’s a skill that can be used elsewhere, and one place is in the naming of events, such as seminars, open days or exhibitions.

The key, as with headlines and email subject lines, is to be very clear what the event is about, using what we’ve learned from SEO, namely the best keywords. As an example of getting this wrong, if memory serves me correctly, one of our largest engineering exhibitions once rebranded itself from the keyword-heavy ‘Drives, Motors and Controls’ to the utterly meaningless ‘Total Solutions’. Nobody outside of the organisers’ office knew what it was about. Quite simply, if you want to be noticed in a mass of information, generalisations are bad.

But if you get the chance, as you might do with a seminar or sales presentation, go a step further and answer the “What’s in it for me?” question in the name of the event. That’s a sure winner to get attendees or viewers.