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A reminder to EAT well

The history of SEO has largely been that of catching up with the current ‘rules’. The techniques we used 20 years ago – and even 10 years ago – look a little quaint now. So how do we get ahead of the curve?

The search engines continue to inch closer to their goal of providing perfect results, or at least results as good as the specificity of the search allows. Their definition of the perfect result has not changed in 20 years, however: it remains a comprehensive article meeting the search query’s intent, with its authority confirmed by a number of links from sources which are in themselves authoritative. More than ever, therefore, we need to try to create that perfect result.

And what works? Something that Google is not shy in recommending: a principle called E-A-T – expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

You’re the experts in your product sector. Show that, with thought-provoking content which will help your prospects and customers. Provide them with new information, tips, and instructional material. Your reputation in your market is your authoritativeness. If prominent names in your business link to your articles in their content, that’s a sign that people trust you and have found your content valuable. Finally, the accuracy, transparency, and legitimacy of what you publish contributes to trustworthiness. So ensure your contact information is on every page, don’t be afraid to quote other trusted sources, and stick to the subject.

Focusing your site on content built with the E-A-T principles (which are pretty obvious anyway) gives your site what the search engines want. Then it requires them to improve and keep up with you, rather than the other way around.