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ICYMI – All the blog posts from April 2021

The offline to online conundrum

Smart companies know that if they run an advert offline, it will merely cause potential buyers to type their name into Google.

It turns out that ‘Zoom fatigue’ is a real thing

In video meetings, we try to sit still to look interested. This isn’t easy for a long period. One suggestion is to move away from the camera.

Making online meetings more efficient

We’ve all got the hang of muting ourselves when we’re not contributing, but how can meeting organisers avoid problems?

What natural salespeople know instinctively

Why we should follow what natural sales people do and create content which is Relevant, Interesting, Timely, and Entertaining.

How to design an effective leaflet

More than almost any other promotional medium I can think of, the main function of a leaflet is to make the reader do something simple.

Segmenting for a more engaged audience

All of our customer bases can be subdivided into groups which can then be addressed specifically with relevant material.

A better thank-you for first enquiries

Any request made online needs to be met with some instant sales messaging. A “thank, your stuff is on its way” message is not enough.

It’s time to ensure your website is its slickest ever

I’d recommend reading up on ‘Core Web Vitals’ if you’re not already familiar with them, and assessing your website’s performance.

The four Ps still can’t be beaten

If marketing does not include having an input to price, development and distribution, you’re probably really in marketing communications.

The impacts on work of a year like no other

If you’re interested in the short- and potential long-term impacts on work of this past year, I’d very much recommend this Microsoft research

Why we must report illegal/copycat sites

If you come across a page which is harmful to your business, such as copied content or illegal use of your trademarks, you must report it.

Another reason to make websites customer first

If you are faced with the ‘I think we need a whole new website’ scenario, it’s key to get the buy-in of whoever signs off the funding.

Google answers at a glance

People are getting more used to getting what they want from Google at a glance, whether it involves a click or not.

More opportunity to exploit Google’s user knowledge

Custom audiences enable us to show ads to prospects based on their interests and behaviour, the types of websites they’ve browsed.

Is over-hyping your product an act of self harm?

Throwing around terms like ‘market leader’ has become second nature to some businesses. But is it a sensible strategy?

Roll back the years with Google Earth

In what’s said to be the biggest update to Google Earth since 2017, you can now see everywhere in a new dimension — time.

Resolve to expand your marketing vocabulary

I’m sure every one of us could find a dozen or so new words which would be effective and which we don’t use at the moment.

Looking beyond Zoom and Teams

There are other services, several of which offer some interesting features that might make them worth trying.