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We’ll be right behind you

Marketing is about identifying potential customers’ needs and providing them with a way to meet those needs. We all know that. Yet when I look through the ads I see online or in print, so often the messages don’t reflect the effort which the advertiser’s company has put into creating the right product or service. The ads are letting down the overall marketing.

The biggest mistake is – as ever – forgetting that the product or service is all about the customers’ needs. “We’ve got this” or “We can do this” messages are all too frequent. But it’s not about us, as suppliers. It’s about the customers. And they don’t care about us.

Having reminded ourselves that advertising should promote the benefits of the product or service though, we should not forget to promote the benefits of choosing us as a supplier. What’s the value we provide?

The message should show how if they buy our product, they’ll be the hero. And they can be confident in that because we’ll be right behind them.