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Using parked domains can cause indexing delays

Recently I looked at how long it takes to get new pages in Google, but there’s a specific case which is worth looking at: when a site is created on what was previously a ‘parked domain’.

A parked domain is one which has been live but with just a holding notice. It’s not uncommon for a business to have held one of these for a long time, or to have bought one which is in that state. And it shouldn’t be a problem, right? Indeed, you might think that as Google presumably knows of its existence, it might be even better than a brand new domain.

Google recently explained in a chat: “With regards to moving to a previously existing domain where there was parked content, you can definitely see some temporary effect there. Not so much in terms of a sandbox effect or something like that, but more in terms of if we’ve always seen a noindex page on this site for the longest time, then probably we’re going to assume that it’s still noindex for awhile.”

So it seems that if you making a previously parked domain ‘live’ with new content, don’t expect an instant appearance in the Google results. Most parked domains are marked as ‘no index’, and there’ll be some overhang caused by that changing.