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Useful tips for getting noticed on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an excellent network for business and personal promotion, but there are a number of good practices which it helps to know about.

You can write extensive articles on LinkedIn, and these will appear in Google searches, which is very useful. However, these don’t get sent to your network, like posts do. The way to overcome this limitation is to publish articles as such, but then to summarise them in a post, with a link to the article. You may also want to point out the article in your profile.

Original posts are good, but LinkedIn won’t be so keen on them if they’re just directing people to somewhere else on the web. The platform also isn’t impressed by simply sharing other users’ posts. The best strategy – if you want to highlight something you haven’t written – is to write an original post about it, and then to put any links in the comments for the post.

Of course, the usual rules of business social media apply: don’t sell too hard, just try to build relationships and be interesting. Be sparing in tagging other people, but feel free to include a few popular hashtags.