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The machines take over the copywriting

This is amazing, and it might make some people start wondering what they’re going to do with all their extra free time in the future.

GPT-3 is a new type of artificial intelligence module which can produce human-like text. It’s already finding applications, and one of them is, a website which will make a pretty good effort of writing marketing copy for you.

The first time I used it, the results were a ‘drop your bacon sandwich’ moment, so if you don’t want the spoilers, go and give it a try now. There’s a free trial.

Otherwise, here’s what happens. I selected the ‘product descriptions’ option, and as asked, typed in the name of a product and a short three-line description.

The system then went away and came back with half a dozen perfectly well-written product descriptions. But here’s the thing: they were all several times the length of the description I’d given it. I assume the system had gone away and looked up references to the product on the web, and got all the technical background it needed from there.

They really were quite good.

Seriously, I could have used almost any of the options it gave me. Perhaps more importantly, I could have thrown them all at a reluctant technical manager and said: “Which of these angles do you prefer?” …because all were quite different.

Creating a meaty ‘product description’ from the basic text I’d given it was only the start. Click one link and the system offers a range of different ‘sales copy’ versions, content for social media, and much more. It can even do more-than-passable Google description meta tags.

I think that it would be best for distributors of multiple lines of products, as these might have plenty of existing descriptive content already out there to use.

Of course, not everything generated will be perfect; some is even laughable. But as a starting point, it’s great, and it could save hours. I believe that a subscription is several hundred pounds a year, so there may be an affordability issue for small companies, but it’s still worth a look.