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More machine-based help for marketing

Yesterday I mentioned an automated content generation tool which uses artificial intelligence called GPT-3. This is just one of many smart tools which are coming on the market that could transform the way we go about online marketing, and it’s worth having a read about them.

The article 7 Emerging Technologies in SEO and Their Applications on the Moz Blog gives a good summary.

Apart from automated content creation, the article covers:

  • How machines understand intent through ‘natural language processing’;
  • How they can produce lists and Taglines with ‘natural language generation’;
  • What ‘TF*IDF’ is (clue: it’s the new keyword density);
  • How to implement SEO/AB testing;
  • What Automated on-page content optimization is; and
  • How to create better non-text content factors.

Well worth a read.