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ICYMI – All the blog posts from March 2021

Build your forms properly. Please.

For those who just want to generate a quick form, sending a Microsoft Word document to be completed might be tempting. Please don’t do this.

The machines take over the copywriting

The first time I used, the results were a ‘drop your bacon sandwich’ moment. In certain setups, it could save hours.

Making the most of Google Ads while we can

No tech brands and services ever see off the competition entirely, and often fall back into the pack or disappear.

Do jump links help with SEO?

Jump links – or anchor links – can help readers, and certainly don’t do any harm with SEO, so why not use them?

The Census: a model of clear design

There is absolutely no reason why any business cannot model their website forms on what the government does.

Embrace good graphic design

Good corporate branding is not a frothy nice-to-have extra – it’s a real asset. And be prepared to pay for it to be done properly.

Quality over quantity

One link from a respectable, established and relevant site will be worth many links from low-quality ones.

Using parked domains can cause indexing delays

It seems that if you making a previously parked domain ‘live’ with new content, don’t expect an instant appearance in the Google results.

• Put Bullet Points here

Five types of bullet point were outlined by Brian Clark in a blog from 2008. These are examples of where they’re always effective.

Keeping your domain name secure

It’s critical that we’re all completely on top of where our domain names are registered, and when they should be renewed.

Easy video ads with YouTube’s video builder

YouTube describes it as: “An easy, fast and free way to turn your images and marketing messages into compelling, high impact video ads.”

9 recommendations to successfully influence buying decisions

Uncovering the full set of buyer needs was cited by 71% of buyers as being highly influential in their purchase decisions.

Changes in technical B2B marketing over the last year

Have there been any systemic changes in the last year to the marketing in our sectors of activity …and are these likely to be permanent?

Making the customer the hero …with biscuits

It’s still quite possible to send small consumable gifts which are effective and don’t hammer the marketing budget either.

Useful tips for getting noticed on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an excellent network for business and personal promotion, but there are a number of good practices which it helps to know about.

We’ll be right behind you

Ads should show how if prospects buy our product, they’ll be the hero. And they can be confident in that because we’ll be right behind them.

We need to up our game

Our advertising needs to become more creative, our measurement of it more sophisticated and our choice of outlet more open-minded.

More machine-based help for marketing

GPT-3 is only one of many smart tools which are coming on the market that could transform the way we go about online marketing

How to make your writing more conversational

For a lot of marketing communications, a more conversational voice is not only desirable, it’s much underused.

Using Reddit to promote your business

It can, but you’ll need to play carefully by the users’ rules, which is no bad thing. Here’s a good introduction to the site.

Better integration for Google Search Console

There shouldn’t be any action to take, as existing links between the products should be carried over, but I’d recommend checking.

Emailing pre-filled Google Forms to a Mailchimp audience

How to send an email via the Mailchimp email application, directing them to a Google Form, pre-filled with the responders’ personal details.