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Changes in technical B2B marketing over the last year

According to research reported on the ConversionXL blog, there have been some significant changes in technical B2B marketing over the last year. You may have experienced some of these yourself, or they may explain the outcomes you’ve been seeing.

  • Canceled events have increased the need for outbound activities. However, many respondents reckon that a flood of desperate marketing attempts has made it increasingly hard to get through to prospects.
  • Sales cycle length has increased. The entire process seems to have started involving more people, making it take longer to close.
  • Qualified leads costs have significantly increased. Worse still, the conversion to sales opportunities is lower too.

The research suggests that some of the most common mistakes being made include using a one-size-fits-all, non-personalised approach; prospecting the decision-makers only; an absence of market positioning or a unique value proposition; and a lack of warm-up and nurturing programmes.

Whether these are directly relevant to us or not, a lesson we can all take away is to analyse if there have been any systemic changes in the last year to the marketing in our sectors of activity …and whether they’re likely to be permanent.