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9 recommendations to successfully influence buying decisions

An interesting survey from Rain Group attempts to study if the transition to more virtual selling in 2020 has had an impact on buyers and sellers, and how it has done so. The survey of 528 buyers and sellers in the Americas, EMEA, and Asia-Pacific areas produced a list of nine recommendations to sellers to successfully influence buying decisions.

None of course will come as any great surprise, but the order may not be predictable, and it’s worth us all considering the emphasis we’re putting on each:

  1. Uncover the full set of buyer needs
  2. Show buyers what’s possible
  3. Listen
  4. Make a strong ROI case
  5. Educate buyers with new ideas and perspectives
  6. Communicate value to buyers
  7. Build rapport and develop relationships with buyers
  8. Work to gain and keep buyer attention
  9. Differentiate yourself from other sellers

“Uncovering the full set of buyer needs” was cited by 71% of buyers as being highly influential in their purchase decisions. This requires a ‘needs discovery’ uncovering both problems and aspirations; uncovering the root cause of buyer needs (asking why); doing your research before presentations; and using a checklist of common buyer needs.