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Will dark mode users switch off your emails?

‘Dark mode’ is becoming increasingly popular on all sorts of devices. But have you thought of what this might mean for your emails? For some, it can make them look terrible.

How to Create Dark Mode Compatible Emails That Still Look Great on the Jeff Bullas blog offers exactly the advice that it claims to.

Simple practices to follow include:

  • Crop the images and logos properly;
  • Keep sufficient margins while cropping the images;
  • Outline the logo for Dark Mode;
  • Follow the same tip for all your social media icons, as shown in this image;
  • Design calls-to-action with curved angles so that there are no rendering issues in Dark Mode;
  • Make all your images transparent;
  • Make sure you don’t mix any background colors and images.

Above all, always test your emails. And if you’re sending out regular ones, check them now on different devices, apps and operating systems.