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Email signature management: worth the cost?

When it comes to everyday emails, one thing I’ve seen a bit more of recently is more interesting signatures. Two regular inclusions are a ‘call to action’ and a photograph of the sender. You can see some examples here from the email signature management system MySignature.

Banners promoting events have been a staple inclusion on many companies’ emails for a long time now, but more personalised and illustrative signatures may be the next step. It’s what we’ve come to expect from social media, and email has to keep up.

If there are more than two or three of you in the company, keeping on top of managing email signatures can start to become difficult, and this has often put off medium-sized businesses from having a proper policy. There’ll always be the lazy member of staff who won’t change the banner which is still advertising the stand at WidgetEx 2016, unless you do it for them. This is why email signature management services have sprung up, but they come at a price. I think it might be one worth paying.