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You don’t have to write the Wikipedia article

When we’re tackling SEO, we’ll probably find ourselves thinking about a broad search term and how we can improve the way in which our website targets that term. We know that nowadays it’s more productive to increase the amount of useful information we provide about the subject, rather than getting involved in traditional SEO technicalities. But what are the ways in which we can tackle providing that information?

The most obvious is the general educational approach, where we set out to write the book on a subject. This is a big task though, and it’s the point where we realise that it’s better to break things down further than trying to be the top ranked site for ‘blue widgets’. There are many ways we can do this. One is to think of specific facts that people might be looking up about the subject. Some of those could be worth a page on their own. Another is to provide a guide to related topics that users might want to investigate. Then there’s the world of ‘how to…’ articles based around everything from how to choose things to how to operate them.

Finally, don’t neglect the opportunity of writing down opinions on a topic. In a world seemingly dominated by opinions, these are surprisingly lacking in B2B marketing. Our opinions don’t have to be controversial, just the sort of thing that our sales team will be explaining every day.