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‘People Also Ask’ – a content strategy for 2021

With the number of questions being asked of search engines continuing to increase, Google’s ‘People Also Ask’ section is becoming more important …and a great source of ideas for content on our websites.

Just go to Google and type in a basic question about your product, such as ‘what is the most accurate type of blue widget’. If there’s a panel answering that question, and a competitor has it, there’s a target straight away. But just as importantly, there’s likely to be a ‘People Also Ask’ section underneath, and those questions are a fantastic resource when setting up a content creation schedule for the new year. Methodically answering these questions in an original way is a really simple project, whether we do it ourselves or fire it out to a technical writer.

The answers can be gathered together on FAQ pages that we now know Google can break up and quote parts of selectively. I reckon most businesses could use this technique to create dozens of questions to be answered as first-class new website content.

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