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Optimising YouTube videos for search engines

YouTube videos are very badly optimised for search engines (including YouTube itself). I think that one of the reasons for this is that we’re asked for the title, description and tags while the video is uploading, and most people just bung anything in without much thought, as if there’s a timer going. In reality, not only should we think about these before we upload the video, but we can always go back and improve them.

This of course gives us an opportunity to do better than our competition. One of the great things about YouTube is that it shows the popularity of videos. Now, many will be popular for reasons other than search optimisation, but particularly in the case of niche business videos, it’s a signal that the SEO is good. That’s something we can learn from.

Tags for YouTube is a Chrome browser extension which will show the tags on videos we want to learn from. Rapidtags is a smart service for generating tags from a phrase (such as a video’s title).

So… think about the questions your video is answering, research the tags, and write great descriptions. If you’ve got a bunch of videos online already, go back and improve them.