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ICYMI – All the blog posts from January 2021

How to look more professional on a Zoom or Teams call

If you’re video calling customers or prospects, you really should have something better than a laptop’s camera and microphone. But what?

We need great human copywriters, not ‘SEO specialists’

Readers and search engines are looking for the same things, so the 2020s will be a third generation of website copywriting.

Organising meetings in a remote working world

Apart from not wanting to be dragged into meetings in the first place, I dislike the way so many people think they can just announce them.

After 20 years of abuse, Flash is dead

It had a good innings, and it’s unlikely that you have content which requires it any longer, but this tool can provide a quick check.

Let’s kill off the one-size-fits-all signup page

Make sure your website doesn’t have a single, isolated response page headed ‘Contact Us’, requiring the prospect to fill in what they want.

We’re trying to market to real people

The key to success is to make a connection with the person listening to or reading your piece, without knowing who they are.

Do top-level domains help SEO?

The website will not have any advantages over when it comes to shopping for widgets.

Google had an update at the start of last month

Google had a major ‘core’ update at the start of last month, and it affected some businesses quite heavily.

Why don’t we tell prospects that they should trust us?

The most successful sales approach is to start by ignoring the product or service and focus on why customers should trust you.

You don’t have to write the Wikipedia article

We need to increase the amount of useful information we provide about a subject, but what are the ways in which we can do this?

How to be the most popular commenter on documents

Are you ever on a circulation list to approve or comment on documents? We could all make ourselves very popular by doing three simple things.

Optimising YouTube videos for search engines

Beat the competition by thinking about the questions your YouTube video is answering, researching the tags, and writing great descriptions.

Personal branding online

Does it matter what our ‘digital profile’ is? In other words, what will people find if they search for us online, and does it matter?

Get a good start with LinkedIn advertising

A series of videos is available from LinkedIn, some of which are specific to setting up ads, but others which are of more general interest

Learning from the source

There are so many tools available to investigate opportunities that it’s easy to forget the best one: looking at the search results.

‘People Also Ask’ – a content strategy for 2021

Google’s ‘People Also Ask’ section is a fantastic resource when setting up a content creation schedule for the new year.

Social media video: make it snappy

A short message works best because people want to scan through the latest material, not devote their entire session to a single post.

Clarity for Bing Webmaster Tools

Although Clarity’s features are not new, their implementation is really simple, and everyone can learn a lot from them.

Get to the point.

Whether this is a sign of decreasing attention span or something else, it does seem to be happening, and is worth thinking about.