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Time to call in BMON?

I don’t do this often, but today I’m going to give you an update on the company I work for, as this year was a big one for our little outfit. We successfully rearranged the deckchairs while managing to sail on serenely, and here’s what it means.

BMON (Business Marketing Online) continues to run Google Ads accounts on behalf of around 50–60 clients. As my two colleagues Jackie West and Laura Mart were more efficient than me at the day-to-day running of those Google Ads campaigns, I removed myself from the loop to concentrate on writing this blog, and looking into new developments which might affect the clients.

At the same time, we decided on a new way of tackling the ‘non-standard’ issues which arise on client work a fairly frequent basis. Instead of relying on our networks of contacts to help devise the best ways to tackle any issues, we decided to bring in some permanent consultants …and managed to get two of the best in the business.

Shaheen Ravat is a former Agency Account Strategist at Google, developing and managing PPC campaigns from small and medium sized businesses to national companies. And Judith Lewis is an internationally-renowned consultant and speaker on SEO, paid search and social media. Having experts of this calibre available is something which very few Google Ads management companies can offer.

So, if you’re looking for somewhere to outsource a Google Ads campaign in 2021, we hope that BMON might be the first place you turn to. As ever, our track record is in engineering and science, so we’re not worried about technical terminology – always the biggest problem with any advertising agency.

Our combined experience in marketing communications must be unmatched in the sector, as you can see. We still don’t tie any client down to a contract. And we hope that above all, we’re nice people to work with! Here’s how to get in touch if you think we could help.