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Take advantage of Google My Business Posts

Creating ‘posts’ on Google My Business is something we should all do frequently. Putting announcements on Google’s results pages, with images …what’s not to like?

If you’re unaware of Google My Business posts, you’ll find them in the large information panel about a company which appears when you search for it by name on Google. The information in this panel will be under your control if you’ve ‘claimed’ the name through Google My Business. Among the ever-growing number of sections, Google may well choose to show one called “Updates from [name of company]”, and here you’ll find the Google My Business posts. They’re pretty flexible news updates which you can write and illustrate yourself.

Posts can also be found on Google Maps.

Google My Business posts are a really good opportunity. So why don’t many companies seem to take advantage of it? The problem is that unless the posts are promoting an offer which runs for a specific date range, they only last 7 days, then Google archives them. That means we need to write something new every week, and it seems that few of us can schedule that. I think that’s a waste.

There are five types of post:

  • What’s new – general information about your business, with a photo or video, a description and an action button;
  • Events;
  • Offers – a “view offer” action button is automatically added to the post;
  • Products – add products that will appear in your “Product tab”; and
  • Hours update.

A post can be enormous – up to 1500 characters – but don’t expect it all to show, especially on certain devices and screen sizes, so get the important stuff up top in a few words. There are all sorts of rules about what you can and can’t put in a post, but I find that if there’s an inexplicable problem flagged up, just play around with the wording. Otherwise, just give it a go …and see if you can schedule it in weekly!