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ICYMI – All the blog posts from December 2020

Have an enjoyable Christmas break everyone, and best wishes for a happy and prosperous new year. This column will be back on Tuesday 5 January. For now, here’s the normal roundup of this month’s articles…

Time to call in BMON?

We now have experts of a calibre that very few Google Ads management companies can offer. Get in touch if you think we could help.

Take advantage of Google My Business Posts

Putting announcements on Google’s results pages, with images …what’s not to like? See if you can schedule it in weekly!

What should I do about Google’s ‘Page Experience Update’?

Ignoring Google’s forthcoming ‘Page Experience Update’ will be a risk too far for most of us. So what is it, and what should we do about it?

Justifying SEO with hard data

If we’re looking for justification to spend time or budget on SEO in an environment that values KPIs, this is one way we can measure things.

Ready for some massive changes in white collar employment?

Home-workers may be trickier to manage, but they’re also able to knock off when the work is done, and work longer when required.

Does Safari block Google Analytics?

While some cookie control systems do restrict what it can do, don’t expect Safari visits to disappear from your Google Analytics reports yet.

The ‘virtual trade show’ is too unimaginative to work

What’s worked online have been new ways of doing things that take advantage of the technology. Stick to those.

Which pages on your site can help the others with SEO?

Could we find a relevant excuse on these pages to add a link to our target page, using the search term as the anchor text for the link?

Is the ‘Page Experience Update’ going to be important?

You won’t be surprised to read that nobody knows, but for those of us who rely on Google search rankings, ignoring it is too big a risk.

2% tax? We’re too big for that, says Google

Google Ads users may have spotted that the search giant slapped a 2% surcharge on their ads from last month.

Getting subscribers for your YouTube channel

Very few people are likely to subscribe to a YouTube channel if it’s just a miscellaneous collection of stuff.

Finding new prospects through LinkedIn

While many companies identify prospects very efficiently using LinkedIn, I suspect even more ignore this potential lead source completely.

Have another go at a content plan

Sort out 12 or 52 topics and then actually write them, and you could step up your website and its search engine performance to the next level.

A few things to think about over the break

If at all possible, force yourself to set some goals for the year and devise a plan to achieve them, even though it’s hard to do.

Maximising event attendance through online registration

Like any landing page, your event’s web page should be focused on a single call to action, in this case registration.

Google makes finding data a lot easier

Google’s Dataset Search indexes online data that is freely available for use, and has over 25 million datasets to use.