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Have another go at a content plan

So you started 2017 with a plan to write more – and more interesting – stuff on your company’s website. And although you didn’t manage it, you tried again in 2018. And again in 2019. And again in 2020. So why should 2021 be any different?

I don’t know. I can’t put myself in your shoes. But I can suggest that having a plan of what you’re going to write will give you the best chance of actually writing it.

A good starting point is the ‘big 5’ topics. These are: cost and pricing; problems (theirs and yours); comparisons and versus; best of lists; and reviews. ‘Their’ problems covers the obvious ‘How do I…?’ questions that you can solve. ‘Your’ problems is a tougher one, but cover the things you can’t offer them, and is designed to weed out the non-prospects. ‘Best of’ can also include ‘best practices’.

These are the things that prospects search for the most. If you can sort out 12, or 52 topics under these headings for next year, and then actually write them, you could step up your website and its search engine performance to the next level.