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Getting subscribers for your YouTube channel

Most businesses that make videos – and most should – will end up with a YouTube channel. Now, this can be just a random dump for every video the business produces, but if it’s managed with a little care, it can be a resource that prospects might ‘subscribe’ to. This is what gets people to keep coming back, and is the reason every serious YouTube content creator is constantly asking us to ‘click that subscribe button’: it works.

Very few people are likely to subscribe to a YouTube channel if it’s just a miscellaneous collection of stuff. Channels are all about themes. So the first rule of a successful channel is to keep the content tightly themed. Create separate channels within an account for different types of content. “All the videos my company has made” is not a ‘theme’ that anybody outside the board of directors would subscribe to.

YouTube doesn’t allow a lot of customisation of a channel, but do take advantage of what is allowed, such as watermark logos on videos and a consistent design of thumbnails. And most important of all, don’t be afraid of not having much in a channel. We’ve all got to start somewhere, and even if it’s the first and only video in a channel, viewers are just as likely to be interested in subscribing to ‘more content like this in the future’.