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A few things to think about over the break

I hope nobody will be working too hard over the holiday period, after a tough year. However, it’s only natural to use at least some of the downtime to think about what you might do in the new year, especially if your job relies in part on your own creativity.

If at all possible, force yourself to set some goals for the year and devise a plan to achieve them. It’s so easy to read that – and to agree with it – but so much harder to do. By this time next year, where do you want sales, new business, website traffic and all sorts of other indicators to be? Can you create job-based new year’s resolutions? What worked this year, and what didn’t?

Before you go, clean your virtual desk as well as the one in your office. Make sure there’s nothing in your email inbox on January 4th except stuff that’s come in over the break.