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Understand what your website visitors do with Clarity

Microsoft has made its visitor behaviour analytics product, Clarity, generally available. If you’ve heard of this before, it’s because a beta version was announced nearly two years ago, but this seems to be the real thing, and it’s free. Clarity offers several useful capabilities including heatmaps and session-replay.

Clickmaps are a good place to start with Clarity. These tell you what page content users are interacting with the most. There are also scrollmaps, which show if your users are seeing the important stuff. And to get an idea of how individual users are interacting with your site, there are session recordings, which literally playback what visitors have done.

The best place to take a look is to visit the Clarity website and explore the live demo. You’ll just need to sign in (with e.g. a Microsoft account). To install it, you only need to add some Javascript to your website, a little like Google Analytics, which I hope shouldn’t be difficult. I’m certainly going to have a play over the next few days.