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ICYMI – All the blog posts from November 2020

An online presentation deserves as much preparation as an in-person one

I’ve sat through so many terrible online presentations in the past few months and thought: “Why are these people doing this so badly?”

Are you asking your audience to read PDFs on mobiles?

If a document is unreadable to the recipient (as an A4 PDF document often is, on a mobile screen), whether they click on it is immaterial.

Can social media fill that hole professionally?

It’ll be different to normal interaction, but potentially just as useful. We just need to identify what’s going to work for us.

I’m still learning about email newsletters

Our email newsletters can be as effective today as 20 years ago, but only if we take on board the simple lessons learned along the way.

Do we need a website redesign?

It’s a great idea to have annual audits, with budget to sort out SEO, structural or aesthetic issues that may have come up during the year.

Hashtags vs conventional tags on YouTube

Twitter and Instagram have been using ‘hashtags’ for many years, but fewer people use them on YouTube, where they can be just as effective.

Email newsletters: it’s never too late

Even in this venerable medium, new publications launch every day. The best time to start an email newsletter is as soon as you can.

Why gated content has become more acceptable

One deciding question I once heard was: “Would I want my competitors to see this?”. It’s not an unreasonable place to start.

Keeping your personal pronouns consistent

English is a lovely language in that we can mess around and things usually work out fine, but consistency requires some sort of style book.

4 steps to identifying great articles to write

A huge win in content marketing is to find the intersection of questions that people are answering and questions that we want to answer.

Does your LinkedIn profile reflect why you’re on it?

Think about how your headline might reflect the aims of your LinkedIn profile. Can you align these in just a few words?

How to do our own SEO audit

If an SEO audit pulls up enough opportunities to add hundreds or thousands of visitors a year, it can be a very sound investment.

Are you providing something extra for existing customers?

There are many things we can offer existing customers which are morally and professionally acceptable, and can be very good investments.

A one-page elevator pitch for the whole business

A really useful piece of marketing collateral which could be used to direct other things, from the website to printed brochures.

Google set to delve further into our articles

If two pages have similarly good answers, the passages of text answering the query will be what are compared, rather than the overall pages.

Understand what your website visitors do with Clarity

Microsoft’s visitor behaviour analytics product, Clarity, offer several useful capabilities including heatmaps and session-replay.

Drawing Google’s attention to spammy reviews

There’s not much you can do about bad reviews, but at least Google has now made it possible to put in a complaint about spammy ones.

Don’t use press releases for SEO

The objectives from the ‘announcement’ point of view and that of SEO should be the same: to persuade a third party site to report the story.

Have you got the LinkedIn Insight Tag on your website?

Although we can track any source of traffic using visitor analytics, the advantages begin when you reverse back into LinkedIn.

How to write a ‘best practice’ headline

I’ve mentioned a few headline advisory tools over the years, but Headline Studio from CoSchedule may be the best yet.

Don’t panic over emails from Google

If you get an email from Google Search Console, do read it carefully – often it won’t be a serious problem.