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Does your LinkedIn profile reflect why you’re on it?

There are a number of reasons why LinkedIn could be useful to you, and it’s worth bearing these in mind when presenting and maintaining your profile. For example, if you’re in a settled sales position, a LinkedIn profile might be most viewed by prospects, so it makes sense to use it to promote your company and its products alongside your experience and authority. If you’re at a stage in your career where new opportunities might not go amiss, don’t be afraid to focus on your personal ‘features and benefits’. If you’re a company owner, it’s probably going to be all about the products and services on offer.

The first place many people will come across you will be in a listing, where LinkedIn will show your profile picture, name and what’s known as the ‘headline’. This, by default, just uses your name and job title. You can edit this and make it much better. What’s more, there are quite a few more words to work with nowadays than there might have been before. Spend some time browsing around LinkedIn, in your market and others, to see examples of who’s using this headline well. Very few are. One easy way is simply to do some searches for random names and examine the headlines in the list of results.

Now think about how your headline might reflect the aims of your LinkedIn profile. Can you align these in just a few words? It should be possible. Possible formats include “Authority on blue widgets” or “I do this for you”. If you have more than one activity or position to promote, you can get them both in.