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Why “Web Stories” may be worth a look

“Web Stories” is a new name for “AMP Stories”, which is a fairly modern web presentation technique that any of us could be forgiven for not having heard of. Using this might be ambitious for a small B2B marketing department, but it’s worth knowing about.

The “stories’ idea is becoming commonplace on social media: indeed, in essence they’re just full-screen slideshow presentations. Google wants to promote these in search results, and is now pushing them under the “Web Stories” label. Newspapers and other media organisations have been early adopters, using the idea to take readers through a story with images and video, optimised for handheld devices. It’s another attempt to create something more compelling for mobile consumption than web pages.

Here’s one from the BBC.

There are a few ways of creating ‘stories’, notably an official Google WordPress plugin. There’s some more background here.