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Updating addresses when your business moves premises

If your business is moving – or if it’s moved in recent months – you really need to be on top of having the correct address referenced across the web. This applies even if you’re not really a business that trades on its physical location; as I’m sure you’re aware, there are plenty of customers who factor in the location when choosing suppliers, for all sorts of reasons. Quoting the wrong location means you’ll always lose out, either when these people first see your wrong location online, or when they find out the real one.

Google, and its Google My Business service, is the key thing to target here. This drives Google Maps, Google Local Search and more, and it’s under your control. But Google also pulls in data from all over the web, and updating other sites shouldn’t be overlooked.

A quick web search on your old address (I tend to find the company name plus postcode works well) will give you a long list of websites which need to be contacted and the address changed. You might even find references on your own site!

Google gives you instructions on how to delete its records of any previous occupant of the address. You may want to take a look at this before you update your Google My Business details.