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Identifying why some video calls are so good

Bringing together a couple of topics we’ve discussed here recently, someone was telling me the other day how much better they found it to be standing than sitting when doing an online (video) sales discussion. They reckoned it gave them a “more appealing posture” and even if there’s no science behind it, these things are always worth a try. I read around the subject and found some support for the idea. One article said: “When you stand, your body is more energized and the meeting is more likely to go well. Plus, you’ll look and feel more confident when standing. You are better able to keep a straight posture, with your shoulders back. You feel more like a presenter, which you are.”

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to identifying why some video calls I’ve been on are more impressive than others. I can’t disagree with those people who say that looking and sounding good is half the battle. This means investing in the camera and audio hardware, getting the lighting and background right, and presenting yourself well. The gap between too casual and too formal is as hard to find online as it is physically. Then it’s a question of having the right agenda and the right support material, with the ability to bring it into the conversation seamlessly.