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ICYMI – All the blog posts from October 2020

Enquiry response: it really matters

Recently I narrowed down a choice of supplier based on the efficiency and friendliness of their response. What did they actually do though?

How working from home could affect every business

I can see a lot of changes happening in sectors where some companies move heavily to remote working and others go back to the office fully.

Being clever with search ads on your company name

Your company name’s results page is a valuable one, seen by some important people. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to impress them.

Should we continue to trust Google?

If Google wants to prove its credentials, then it needs to provide us with more open and transparent data, not less, as is happening.

Why we could see Microsoft Bing become more important

Microsoft could use its ubiquitous Office environment to persuade more people to search through that rather than ‘Googling it’.

Hiding your products is a worse strategy than ever

Saying that products need to be bought through a sales representative is fine. But should products and prices still be laid out on a website?

Don’t let YouTube advertise on your website

YouTube is ubiquitous, but it may not be the best place to host videos for other purposes, including embedding them on our own websites

Description meta tags: still a huge open goal in SEO

Description meta tags get seen a lot more than most marketing collateral we write. They also guide Google’s contextualisation of the page.

Should you care about the legal stuff?

Even just an improved layout for what you’ve got will say to the very few website visitors who get that far: “We have nothing to hide”.

Updating addresses when your business moves premises

A quick web search on your old address will give you a long list of websites which need to be contacted and the address changed.

Avoiding the overenthusiastic response email

There’s always going to be some sort of ‘buying journey’ going on, and a smart flow of email information can aid this.

Identifying why some video calls are so good

Looking and sounding good is half the battle. Then it’s a question of having the right agenda and the right support material.

Yes, the look of a website can cause SEO issues

You should assume that the relationship between web page layout and search engine performance will not have come into a designer’s thinking.

Why “Web Stories” may be worth a look

The “stories’ idea is becoming commonplace on social media: in essence they’re just full-screen slideshow presentations.

Keeping email recipients engaged with images

Images won’t get you a higher open-rate but they can pique the recipients’ interest or keep them engaged as they scroll down a long message.

More ideas for keywords are close at hand

It’s well worth looking at as many data sources as possible, because even the Google Ads Keyword Planner may not have that many suggestions.

Giving a corporate blog some focus

Company blogs can be really effective, but it does seem difficult for many businesses to get their heads around making them work.

Keeping the date fresh on your articles

It’s a great idea to legitimately a page with new or expanded information, and to ensure that the new date is on the page and in the sitemap.

Top tips for your YouTube channel

From playlists to trailers, banners to thumbnails, here are the essential components of a YouTube channel that you may have neglected.

You have to admit, this is great

Live View in Google Maps helps you keep your bearings so you can find your way around. Now there are new ways to use Live View.