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Being clever with search ads on your company name

If you run pay-per-click Google Ads against searches on your own company name, you could be wasting some budget when people who already know you well click on the ad instead of the normal ‘organic’ result. OK, these clicks are likely to be very cheap, and not add up to that much, but nobody likes wasting money.

You could of course just not advertise against your own company name, but there are quite a few good reasons to do so, not least of which being that it just makes the search results page for your name look great. However, if you’re not that well-known, it’s likely that most people searching for you by name do know you already, and whether you want to offer them that paid-for click option at the top of the page is up for debate. For these people, I’d suggest that the main argument for showing an advert is the opportunity to showcase an offer which would not appear in the organic result.

Whether you’re a household name or not, what you ideally want from an ad on your company name is that it gets over a message, and gets read by everyone; but only clicked on by people who aren’t just using Google as a lazy shortcut to your website. I’d suggest the best way to do this is to use the ad to showcase an offer or a USP, and not to begin the headline with the name. That way, people who were going to your site anyway would be more likely to scan down a line or two and click on the organic result, while (we hope) still registering the message.

In other words, assuming the first organic result for searches on ‘blue widget company’ is a nice, well crafted link to your home page headlined ‘Blue Widget Company’ or ‘Blue Widget Company – official website’, then by all means put an advert above it; but make sure that advert’s headline is something like: ‘Special offers from Blue Widget Co’. Anyone just wanting to get on your site probably won’t click on that. General prospects and customers just might.

It’s worth taking a look at Google Search Console and seeing just how many times a month people search for your company. Your own company name’s results page is a valuable piece of internet real estate, seen by a lot of people, some very important from a sales perspective. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to impress them.