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Avoiding the overenthusiastic response email

Are you trying to do too much in your enquiry response emails? Unless you’re in an unusual market, if you think you can close the deal in one email you probably need to think more strategically. As I mentioned recently, an automated instant acknowledgement to an online enquiry can skip a step by providing the prospect with more information. But even so, there’s going to be some sort of ‘buying journey’ going on, and a smart flow of email information can aid this. Their inbox is a precious resource for you as a supplier. A series of emails can put a lot of valuable information in it.

(By the way, I’m not necessarily saying that ‘closing the deal’ means selling the product. It could be just setting up a sales visit. That needs just as much careful nurturing in a series of steps.)

In many cases, the sequence might only involve two or three emails. But it makes sense to me to acknowledge the enquirer; to ensure they’re pointed towards your sales collateral; to remind them you’re really interested in them; and only then to try to close the deal. If you send them away from an email (e.g. to read something on your website), then assume that’s the last interaction thay’ll have with the email. Your next step in the journey should be at the end of the web page or in a follow-up email. Or both.