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Unboxing videos: not so daft

I’m sure you’ll have come across the ‘unboxing video’ – a short video of someone taking a new product out of its box, and – er – that’s it. On some you may see the product being used too, but don’t bank on it. Daft? Possibly. Popular? Certainly. I made one for a giggle about ten years ago, well before they became an internet sensation, and this remains the most popular video I’ve ever posted online. Those from professional ‘unboxers’ can receive millions of views.

So why are they so popular? It’s not hard to work out. There are so many products where you’re not quite sure what you’re going to get. An unboxing video literally lays it all out in front of you. Perhaps more fundamentally, it shows you what the product looks like in real life.

Could your products be suitable for the unboxing treatment? They’re easy videos to make, after all. Here are some examples from the consumer sector which might offer some ideas, and here are some tips on doing it professionally.