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The start at the end approach to writing

I’ve written about many writing techniques over the years, some of them possibly slightly contradictory. The reason for this is that for most of us, holding more than the odd guideline in our head when we write is impossible, so I hope that you might find just one that appeals and sticks.

Starting at the end means summarising what you’re trying to say before you begin. If you’re used to writing the title and description meta tag for your articles, think about what these would be if your article comes out the way you want it to. Creating that short one-sentence summary at the beginning can really focus the mind.

Think about what you want the readers to do. Are you just hoping they’ll be grateful to you for the information? Or are you hoping they’ll get in touch? This can be built into your summary and guide the piece.

Try it just once and see if it works for you.