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Keeping the focus of an email in mind

Far too many marketing emails that I receive do not seem to have a real focus. This is a fundamental error, because we only get to send prospects a few emails before they take a view on whether it’s worth opening them in future. Every email needs to do its job and get out of the recipient’s life as quickly as possible.

So what should the focus of an email be? That’s what we need to decide up front. Examples might include:

  • The sales message – pointing out a need that the recipient ought to have, and propose the solution;
  • The educational campaign – giving the recipient something of real value that will help them with their job; or
  • The news email (which could be a case study) – showing why the recipient needs to follow what you’re doing for their own benefit.

There are others, of course, but keeping the focus in mind helps us write something that not only works, but ensures that future emails will be read too.