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ICYMI – All the blog posts from September 2020

Remember that Google people are not from our world

Google is obsessed with data-driven technology, which is fine so long as it doesn’t ignore the needs of the little guy

What is B2B marketing, these days?

In B2B marketing, the aim is to get noticed and establish credibility, rather than closing the sale in a single hit.

Sitting or standing? Try both!

If you do use a standing desk, don’t use it for more than two hours even if you’re used to it. Alternate between sitting and standing.

If trade shows return, how will they look?

At the time of writing, the NEC in Birmingham has trade shows listed as still going ahead physically as soon as November

Do you want a link from that site?

Links to your website are still critical, and it continues to be the case that some links are more important than others.

Why you need to have Google Reviews

Don’t pretend they’re not there, or that people will ignore them. And since they exist, you want them to reflect well on you.

Creating PDF documents that work online

There’s much more to making PDF documents work online than SEO considerations. Think of this next time you’re saving a document as a PDF.

The upside down web page

On a landing page, that big call to action button needs to be at the very top – hence the upside down web page concept.

SEO is more expensive than you think

If you’re going to outsource SEO work – and it can be a really good investment – the budget required is as substantial as ever.

Online advertising leaps ahead in 2020

While total ad spending is down 8% on a year ago, so-called ‘digital’ advertising is up 6% and ‘traditional’ advertising down a huge 30%.

Don’t make a crisis worse than it has to be

An organisation is defined by the behaviours it tolerates. Reputational recovery can hinge on doing the honourable thing.

Google Data Studio: a useful timesaver

This free tool from Google takes data from Ads, Analytics and Search Console, as well as databases, social media and even flat data files.

Unboxing videos: not so daft

There are so many products where you’re not quite sure what you’re going to get. An unboxing video literally lays it all out in front of you.

Filling in the Wikipedia gaps

To build links on Wikipedia, you need two things: a knowledge of how to edit Wikipedia, and a list of ‘opportunities’ there.

Search advertising in changing times

For most of the businesses I work with (although not all), searches have been at a reduced level for the past 6 months.

A call for more content

Great content is one of the few things that improves our websites and should get us more visitors. Don’t ease up on the content.

Keeping the focus of an email in mind

Every email needs to do its job and get out of the recipient’s life as quickly as possible. So what should the focus of an email be?

The start at the end approach to writing

Starting at the end means summarising what you’re trying to say before you begin. That short one-sentence summary can really focus the mind.

New features on LinkedIn company pages

The prospect of permanent home working is very real for some people. LinkedIn hopes to play a small role in a company’s online presence.

Webinar software: is Zoom enough?

It helps to be clear about what you want to do before settling on a product, which could have a substantial learning curve.

Quick hints on better headlines

Some of the suggestions I’ve had from this useful little tool have been very sensible and were worth acting on.