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Filling in the Wikipedia gaps

Adding good quality, relevant links to your own website from Wikipedia is a legitimate and very worthwhile traffic building strategy. While Wikipedia links have the “nofollow” attribute, which means they are valueless from a pure SEO perspective, they build awareness, generate traffic and lead to more links. In short, they are a good thing.

To build links on Wikipedia, you need two things: a knowledge of how to edit Wikipedia, and a list of ‘opportunities’ there. I reckon you could crack both of these from scratch in a day.

Set aside a morning to learn how to edit Wikipedia confidently. There’s a great learning resource here. Make yourself a sandwich, then head on over to Wiki Grabber, a free tool which will give you a list of opportunities on any given topic. Examples include Wikipedia notes that a ‘citation (is) needed’. Does your website have the background information they’re looking for? Here’s your chance.

It’s a good skill to have, and one which will prove useful whenever you see open goals in the future.