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Weekend watching: Judith Lewis on SEO (video)

Here at Business Marketing Online, we’re really proud to have Judith Lewis available as a consultant on SEO issues for our clients. I can say from experience that apart from being one of the country’s foremost SEO experts, Judith is one of the best speakers on the subject too.

Unfortunately there aren’t that many examples of her talks online, as the industry conferences she addresses aren’t cheap and understandably reserve their content for attendees. However, one has been put on general release – from last year’s Learn Inbound event – and I’d recommend watching it if you’ve got half an hour to spare. Judith covers “what SEO practices actually matter, stuff you can ignore, old stuff that works again, new stuff that doesn’t work and just what the heck actually makes sense for SEO (now).” It should give you some good ideas.

Watch Judith’s presentation here.