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Refining your title tags

I know, I’ve been talking about title tags for years and years. But they don’t get any less important. They’re the one thing you can specify the appearance of in the search engine results, and they’ll be seen over and over again. People often ask for easy wins in the search engines; writing better title tags is one of the easiest.

There are a few rules, such as aiming for 50 to 60 characters and including the key search terms. Beyond this, it’s all about refining them to attract clicks. You can submit a page to Google using Google Search Console and see the results reflected pretty quickly (do some tests to see). Just like email subject lines, write a few and see what works …or even just what feels best. The search engine may take control of the description lines, so your title tag needs to work with what’s being shown.

Above all, don’t just write a title tag when you create a page and never revisit it. Make it a regular exercise to check what you’ve got and to work on improvements.