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ICYMI – All the blog posts from August 2020

Passing or failing Core Web Vitals

Google’s Core Web Vitals report is a measurement that will be part of a new ranking signal currently in the early stages of development.

What is Account Based Marketing?

It’s well worth researching the principles and lessons of Account Based Marketing – why not try implementing the best of both worlds?

A better place to look than Google

I think we’d agree that if you search for a name, you want a listing like the one you get on LinkedIn, a directory of people with that name.

Don’t give prospects any unpleasant surprises

Most of us don’t like to think about how much data we’re giving away online, and hate to be reminded of it.

Voicemail messages that work

Many people don’t use voicemail effectively in business – we can all confirm that from the messages we get. How do we do better?

A picture of your audience

There are many questions which can be asked, but if you don’t ask the questions, you’ll never really know who you’re talking to.

Don’t stand for just sitting

If you want to try it, it’s easy to make a standing desk just by raising your computer screen and keyboard using a couple of boxes.

Faster sites for happier visitors

If you’re really keen, keep a spreadsheet of test results so you can check over time that things aren’t getting worse.

How long should that article be?

The question to ask yourself is will carrying on any further going to help the reader, or might it make them switch off?

Don’t look dated

When visitors see a 5-year-old date on an article, it’s quite possible that they’ll hit the back button and try something else.

An exclusive preview of our latest product

If we’ve got an announcement as prosaic as an improved new blue widget, we need to extract everything we can from it.

Don’t ditch the old stuff just because it’s in the way

Data pages on old products could be combined into a historical page which doesn’t get in the way of current products.

Weekend watching: Judith Lewis on SEO (video)

Unfortunately there aren’t that many examples of Judith Lewis’ talks online, but here’s one from last year’s Learn Inbound event.

Refining your title tags

People often ask for easy wins in the search engines; writing better title tags is one of the easiest. Make it a regular exercise.

Is it your product the customer really needs?

A problem common to a lot of industrial marketing is that, well, our products aren’t really that much different to the competition, are they?

A slicker online demo

If the meat of the presentation is pre-recorded, it can be guaranteed to go smoothly, and can presumably have better production values.

Mobile first indexing? Not quite yet.

The chances are that your site is already being indexed ‘mobile first’ – the majority of the web is being indexed this way by Google.

Time to ditch the lazy email header

A consistent, branded header image on promotional emails is reassuring for regular readers, but shouldn’t it be saying something too?

Google organises giant webmaster meeting

Google’s first ‘Virtual UnConference’ will be a giant Google Meet call where you can expect to actively participate.

Getting to the point on a landing page

Some of these good ideas on landing page design show how to combine simple benefit messaging with a strong call to action.