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Don’t stand for just sitting

With more people working from home for long periods, there’s apparently been an increased amount of interest in the idea of standing desks. I’ve tried them many times but never really got on with them, although I can understand the claimed benefits. We all know that sitting for too many hours each day isn’t good for us, but just because standing all day is hard doesn’t mean it’s better. It’s been proven not to burn off significantly more calories either, despite what we might assume.

If you want to try it, it’s easy to make a standing desk just by raising your computer screen and keyboard using a couple of boxes. It is hard though, and first-timers will probably want to alternate between sitting and standing. That’s where the box solution becomes a bit of a pain; an adjustable electric desk makes it easy to switch between the two. The easy solution (if you can) is to work with a laptop and switch between two desks of different heights, even if one is temporary.

There are loads of articles online discussing the pros and cons, so of course it just comes down to what ‘works’ for you. Anyone suggesting that you need decent shoes and a standing mat is correct though.