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A slicker online demo

Like them or not, online demonstrations and mini-seminars (or ‘webinars’) aren’t going away now. With trade shows cancelled and sales visits curtailed, getting on top of these should be a serious consideration for anyone who isn’t already doing so.

One of the top tips I’ve come across recently is a really obvious idea: don’t feel you have to do the main part live! If the meat of the presentation is pre-recorded, it can be guaranteed to go smoothly, and can presumably have better production values. This applies whether it’s a practical demonstration, a slide show or just a talking head.

Naturally, if you want to present things as an ‘event’, you’ll need to top and tail the pre-recorded segment with a live section. If the system you’re using allows text Q&As and discussion while it takes place, you can do it just as easily while a pre-recorded section runs as you can during a live one.