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3 ways to smooth the video production process

We may have got over the hurdle of establishing video as a credible – indeed, essential – part of marketing, but getting videos made can be as problematic as ever at some companies.

If you want to smooth the production process, it’s worth considering the most common problems in-house videographers face. If you’ve made these no longer an issue, it should make it easier for you or colleagues to get videos made in future.

These then are four things that you can do to oil the wheels of getting a steady stream of videos made.

Create somewhere to shoot – a place with decent lighting, the ability for a subject to sit or stand to demonstrate things, where there are no background noises or potential interruptions, and where nobody is looking on.

Get the right equipment – it doesn’t need to be expensive. Assuming you at least have a good smartphone, your priorities are a tripod, a good microphone, some better lighting, and only then, if you have the spare budget, a better camera.

Make it comfortable for reluctant subjectsthis is a great article. Ensure they know what a valuable resource they’re creating, and that they know it’s OK to talk about whatever you need – this will mean getting a list of bullet points to be covered agreed beforehand at whatever level is necessary.